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Films and Photos for Families

San Francisco


Step into a memory you can feel.



Films and Photos for Families



Step into a memory you can feel.



Films and Photos for Families

San Jose

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beautiful tender portrait of mother breastfeeding baby with father caressing son's head newborn photo sf bay area home session

siblings hugging on bike at juri commons playground bay area sf

father and son at home connecting and reaching for mother's hand

candid photo of child infant girl being carried with poop blowout explosion at home session bay area san francisco

beautiful pregnant woman playing piano with warm sunlight glow

baby boy being held by other and father newborn session sf bay area

father holding baby son bonding at home newborn session sf bay area menlo park

siblings baby boy connecting in nursery newborn session bay area

mother connecting with baby at home newborn session bay area

portrait of mother and teenage son connecting and hugging each other at crab cove beach alameda at sunset

father and newborn daughter looking at each other in nursery while dad is holding baby

cute infant girl being goofy at home in nursery

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Carmen Dunham

Bay Area Family Photographer & Filmmaker