June 14, 2022

A Day in the Life Film for the G Family – San Francisco

The most rewarding thing about what I do is the connections I make with my client-families. It’s humbling to witness these intimate spaces. But sometimes, my heart gets so sentimental and protective about the work we created together that I feel it’s too special to share. That’s how I felt about this video, but this dear family reassured me that I was overthinking, as usual.

In preparing for this Day in the Life session, I asked what they wanted to capture from this season of life. For them, it was all about preserving these tender days of living in the heart of San Francisco. They wanted to bottle up all the early morning cuddles, squeaks, laughter, and vivid narrations of imaginary stories echoing throughout their sweet home. I can’t imagine a better way to pay tribute to their starter years as a family.

I’m always grateful for the families that open their hearts and home to my lens. It’s been an honor to document this particular crew through the years. In reliving these memories, I hope they can see the love and goodness that binds them together as a family. May they be reminders that take them home again, no matter where they are.