May 24, 2016

Wright-Dowd Family DITL

A picture is worth a thousand words, and for me, it’s that and many times more. I simply love capturing the honest moments in everyday life and letting them speak their unique, rich stories. It’s what I’m most passionate about and it’s the reason why I became a documentary photographer.

Over the holidays, I was especially honored to be invited to the home of this very dear family for a Day in the Life session. I think back on the upsets and hurdles they endured on their journey of starting a family. It wasn’t until after many heartbreaks did fate finally bring them to that eventful day in Savannah where Chris and Dan met Noah for the first time. Up until the day of our shoot, I’d never seen how contagious love can be. He just brings out the best in everyone. He can even win over the most curmudgeonly of hearts. His sly smile and laughter are infectious. This little boy wonder just makes the world right again and I will be forever grateful.