February 19, 2023

A Year with Lucy | San Francisco Family Photographer & Videographer

Film has always been something that has filled my cup in more ways than I could ever put into words. It’s not just about the film I create with my client-families, but also the journey I have the privilege to witness. And this Year in the Life film is no exception.

As the name suggests, I followed this family three times during the course of 2021. And as you may recall, that was a doozy of a year. What is especially touching is that they also contributed their home videos/photos—starting from the birth of their youngest to her at one year of age. It was a true collaboration of hearts: theirs and mine. Together, we combined professional footage with all the everyday moments captured on their phones to make the most tender of time capsules.

It was a year of filming and an additional year to find the time it deserved for their story to be woven together. It’s really special, almost too special to share, even with their insistence to share it with the world. I get weepy every time I see it. It means so, so much. Truly.

Where my words fall short, I hope this film speaks for what resonates in my heart. And if this moves you as well, I encourage you to reach out because I only take on four films per year.

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