July 30, 2020

Celebrating the Here and Now with Video

My heart’s been weighed down by the gravity of this year and I’ve been trying to find ways to show up for humanity and give some kind of solace to families as we navigate these tough times. Creating ways to respectfully capture these times have been tough, yet necessary because I believe that we’re making history and fighting our hardest to NOT repeat it. And that is extraordinarily beautiful and absolutely worth commemorating. 

In that spirit, I’m introducing Portrait Family Films—a vtime capsule of sorts to honestly acknowledge a special person in the right here and right now. Think of it as an abbreviated Family Film/Video, only shorter that highlights one very important person. 

I’m so very honored to capture this poignant time with this family who is one of those listening learning, and standing. This Portrait video celebrates a young trailblazer with a big laugh and a heart of gold, who cares deeply about civil rights, her new pup, and (thought she may not care to admits this), her sister too. 

Let’s get in touch if you would like to pay tribute to someone dear in the San Francisco Bay Area. My heart’s always open. 


June, a Portrait Film

"This film was filled with light and joy, but somehow also included the poignancy of our present moment in time. You captures our daughter so perfectly (her hands, her feet, her big smile, her tangled hair, her bossiness with her sister!) It's like you turned my heart inside out. Thank you."