Dunham Lampoon's Christmas

You know it's desperate times when a group of introverts break into comedy to spread joy.

In lieu of gifts for my birthday this year, I asked my family if we could work on a project together. Because much of the holidays are spent with our loved ones in Michigan (who we're missing terribly), it was important

for us to include them as well as our San Francisco tribe in the project, too.

What you'll see is a deviation from my usual documentary-style films and more Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

It will undoubtedly set the stage for how utterly cool and not dorky we are.

I can't express how utterly touched I am with everyone who ventured out of their comfort zones to partake in this film. It's a true gift to have this sense of togetherness and it'll certainly sustain my need to tackle them with hugs for just a bit longer.

And for those wondering, Dan was only slightly injured during the making of this film.

Happy holidays! Stay hopeful and safe.

dumpster fire cookie and milk for santa

December 22, 2020

Dunham Lampoon’s Christmas