Too Legit to Quit

These smooth moves are brought to you by the letter “V” for VACCINE

…as in this little lady is fully vaccinated this week.

I am beyond grateful for all the dedicated people who made the light at the end of the tunnel possible and I’m sending virtual high-fives to everyone for doing the right thing for themselves and their fellow humans.

Not only will I be dancing with joy and hugging my loved ones, but I’ll also be welcoming in-home sessions again. So yes, give me all the babies! Let's capture those sweet, tender moments from the comfort of your own home.

As I'm bursting with excitement at the prospect of hugging my people, I will also be respecting what feels good to each family. Whether sessions be taken inside or out, I will be wearing my mask because quite honestly, this mask acne is REAL.

There is much to celebrate. Let's document it all with video or photos.

I CANNOT wait to get our Running Man on.


May 13, 2021

Too Legit to Quit