September 22, 2022

What is a Day in the Life session?

Have you ever wished you had a time machine to magically transport you back to a moment to relive from your childhood? I would give almost anything to revisit and re-feel what a day in my life looked like when I was little. To see how I moved and sounded. To see how my parents interacted with me. To hear my mom’s high-pitched laugh one more time. To witness how I was loved.

And though I don’t have the wizardry to travel back in time, I would like to think that Day in the Life film sessions are the next best thing. The memories our kids will cherish most aren’t the ones from exotic vacations that we spend the most money on today. It’s the scenes from a typical day that they will be most eager to recall.

Honestly, Day in the Life films aren’t for you; they are a love letter for your children, an investment in THEIR memories. They are to preserve the memories they were too young to remember; a time capsule to relive anytime they’d like.

This Day in the Life film is just that. It captures how a typical weekend feels and looks like for this sweet family: early morning snuggles in the bed, shenanigans that can only be shared between siblings, pancakes from a well-loved recipe book that will undoubtedly be passed down generations, tender moments with baby, young voices singing, giggling, gleefully awaiting Grandma, and all the moments in-between.

Parenting is hard, but amongst the hard, there are so many moments of pure goodness that we sometimes struggle to see when we’re in the thick of it. It’s my heartfelt wish to show all the joy that happens every day, so families can see AND relive all the love that binds them together as a family.

This, my friend, is a Day in the Life film session and why I make them.