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It would be embarrassing if you thought of someone else...

black and white image of a dad playing guitar while his young toddler holds him tenderly

Do you ever imagine yourself a few years

from now and have the certainty that

you will miss your current life?

There's actually a word for it: ANTICIPATORY NOSTALGIA

You feel a sense of nostalgia for something that is currently happening (or not even!), and while breast/bottle-feeding your baby, putting on the

band-aids, planning all the playdates/parties/travels, there might come a day when you won't be

needed as much (hello teen years!).

The Yearbook Club is an annual subscription to ensure your family photos (and not-so-curated moments) are cared for every year. You will get visual proof it actually happened and that you were there.

(without the creeping Fear of Missing Out).

mom and toddler son making goofy faces in alamo square
Young boy hanging upside down on the handrail at the Morcom Rose Garden

The best of

both worlds







You can add a casual headshot session at the end of your photo or film session. This will add 20 min to your family session to devote to sprucing up your current business portrait. I will give you ~10 images to choose from within a proofing gallery, and you select the 3 images you would like professionally bedazzled. Natural lighting will be utilized with a natural environment as the background (no backdrops). Pricing is per individual, and needs to be scheduled through me.

One-off Petite Sessions are exclusive for members only. They are 45 min. photo-only sessions, and you receive ~20 images. They are perfect for a Maternity Session, holiday cards, or welcoming a new pet, and are available on weekend mornings, except Oct-Dec. Please note that they are subject to availability and need to be scheduled directly through me, rather than through the self-scheduling calendar. Advanced notice is highly recommended.

Add on a second full Family Photo Session for 2023! Whether it's to celebrate something special or maybe family is in town. Includes hi-res gallery to download. Must be used in 2023.

family session of mother and daughter holding hands san francisco

One-off Petite Sessions are exclusive for members only. They are 45 min. photo-only sessions, and you receive around 20 images.

They are perfect for holiday cards

or when the grandparents come to visit.

You can choose where you want

(within 25 miles from Alameda) and when you wish during the weekend mornings

(except Oct-Dec).

More about the

much anticipated

Petite Sessions

The Process

I'm limiting the number of Yearbook Club memberships to keep my schedule manageable and to give members a great experience. In keeping the enrollment period short, I have a clear picture for the year of whether and how many additional one-off sessions I can accommodate.

The availability calendar will be posted three times within this Membership Year: on May 1 (for May 1- Aug 31 session dates), on Aug 1 (for Sept 1 - Nov 19 session dates), and on Dec 1 (for Jan 9 - Mar 31). I'll always remind you via email when those are posted.

The calendar will be self-scheduled by the members themselves on a first-come, first-served basis (so joining the membership will be particularly beneficial if you want first dibs on specific dates).

In future years, members will be asked whether they would like to renew or terminate their membership before the new enrollment period. There is no commitment beyond the year, and there will be no surprise renewals.

If you choose to renew but would like to change your subscription level (up or down), you are welcome to do so, though offerings and pricing may change from year to year.

mother and teenage daughter holding each other lovingly on a tree

girl closing her eyes wistfully during sunset with flower in hand

sisters holding baby newborn with mom and dad at home in bed

father and daughter snuggling near window smiling

beautiful tender portrait of mother breastfeeding baby with father caressing son's head newborn photo sf bay area home session

father and son at home connecting and reaching for mother's hand

mother rocking baby girl in swaddle at sunset

portrait of mother and teenage son connecting and hugging each other at crab cove beach alameda at sunset

father holding baby son bonding at home newborn session sf bay area menlo park

baby boy being held by other and father newborn session sf bay area

wacky and fun in-home family session in san francisco

toddler boy in a rainbow cape in his play room

mom and daughter laughing and snuggling in the bed

siblings baby boy connecting in nursery newborn session bay area

father and newborn daughter looking at each other in nursery while dad is holding baby

cute infant girl being goofy at home in nursery

sweet photo of sisters looking and smiling each other at crown memorial beach

portrait of a boy during an in-home session in san francisco

girl on a swing at sunset in alameda

Family cuddling post-nap in bed.

silhouette of sibling boys playing in the window with early morning light.

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More questions? Wanna chat through locations, what to wear,

or just prefer a phone call over email?

Schedule a chat with carmen




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Bay Area Family Photographer & Filmmaker

This is the place where it happens. Grab a date, and you’re in the books! (We can adjust timing a bit, too.) I’ll confirm your spot with an email, and we will plan location details or can do that closer to your session date.

If you can schedule during a weekday (10a-2p), I have tons of availability not on this calendar. Sunset sessions can also be available in the East Bay during the week. Reach out if you’ve got a preferred day and time in mind.

You’ll need to schedule at least two weeks out for photo sessions and six weeks for film/video sessions.

Reminder: I’ll update the fall/winter dates on Aug 1 (for Sept-Nov 19) and winter/spring 2024 dates on Dec 1 (for Jan 9-Mar 31).